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Again we will supply you with interesting seminars, in both languages!

A look into game development - Vasvári Balázs (Reptile / AstroideA), Digital Reality

A lot of young gamers dream that someday they can make their own games, strictly according to their own taste. Looking from the outside, gaming development seems like a whole lot of fun - who wouldn't want to play games all day, and even get paid for it? In this seminar, DR Software's Balazs Vasvári will lead an informal discussion about what it takes to become a game developer.

This seminar will be performed in Hungarian.

Tools for 4k intros - Aske Simon Christensen (Blueberry / Loonies)

It has become common practice in demo production to use custom tools, ranging from simple conversion scripts to full-fledged, self-contained demo editors. Such tools have played an important role in the rise in quality of demos and particularly 64k intros throughout the last decade.

In recent years, a number of tools aimed specifically at 4k intros have seen the light of day, both internally in various groups and, in some cases, publicly available for everybody to use. The publicly available 4k tools are so far mostly focused on one particular aspect of the development, e.g. Crinkler for compression and 4klang for music.

In this seminar, we will be presented examples of tools created and used for 4k intro development, focusing on a visual scripting/modelling tool which has been used for several intros, including Candystall, Atrium and Ikadalawampu. The seminar will touch on the ideas behind the tools, how the tools are implemented, and how the tools can give feedback to assist the size optimization process.

This seminar will be performed in English.