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Welcome to the Function 2010 website

The party is over!


2010. 09. 13. - We love you.
It's over for this year. Thank you everyone.
2010. 09. 05. - Travelling heads-up
If you are planning to use the suburban train on the way here, be aware that exactly on September 11-12 it will not operate due to maintenance works and it will be substituted by buses instead.
2010. 08. 31. - We love seminars too!
Our seminars for this year: game development for beginners and 4k intros!
2010. 08. 25. - We love timetables.

The preliminary timetable is out - the two seminars planned are still under negotiation and will appear in the following few days.

What is certain to happen: Friday will see an all-round audio-mayhem by the infamous Budapest Micro DJ crew, Banyek and Plesiv, while Saturday's climatic moment will be the performance of SIDRip Alliance, the band who you should know from Árok Party already.

Last but not least, the compo machine specs are also public.

2010. 08. 08. - Everyone loves robots.
The official invitation has arrived, done by the amazing guys in Portal Process:
Download it from here.
2010. 08. 01. - We know you love it too.
Yes, we shall make it happen once again. Slightly late, but we're sure you're used to that by now, as well as to the schedule and sponsor info coming soon. In the meantime, registration, Facebook, Demoparty.net, demomaking!